FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS and competition tips!

What are your age requirements?

We are a program for girls ages 4 through 24. Age divisions are determined by January 1, 2021. Delegates may move up to the next division should their birthday fall between January 1 – July 2021. 

Do you need experience to participate?

Even though IJM attracts many seasoned pageant girls, you do not need experience to participate. Anyone can participate and benefit from the IJM experience and even win their first year!

What is the best attire for interview, dress or suit?

You can wear a nice dress (please don't have a lot of bling on it which can be distracting in interview). Senior division delegates may also choose to wear a jumpsuit. There are 2 piece NO suits (ie: skirt and jacket) for interview at IJM.

Is Interview a panel or round robin style?

The IJM interview is round robin.  This means that each girl will have the opportunity to sit with each individual judge and allow them to get to know the delegates one-on-one. You will be with each of the 3 judges for approximately 1. Older girls in the Miss or Ms division may be with the judges for up to 3 minutes.

For Interview, is there a Resume or "All About Me" sheet?

There are no resumes or any type of bio sheet that is required to be turned in for the interview competition. The judges are just going to spend time having a pleasant conversation with each delegate to get to know them a little better. There are no political or religious questions that are asked. Because the interview will be about getting to know the delegate, there are no "wrong" answers.

Is IJM a glitz pageant?

IJM is not a glitz pageant. We're a naturally polished pageant. We are looking for girls that are well put together, well spoken and confident. This is what IJM girls represent.

What are the makeup rules for girls ages 4-12?

Contestants ages 4 – 9 years are not allowed to wear make-up during interview competition. Only lip gloss will be permitted. Contestants ages 10 –12 may wear light natural make-up for Interview. All Jr Divisions (Ages 4-12) are allowed to wear light natural make-up under the harsh lights during stage competitions. Older girls can wear make-up that suits their age on stage under the lights.

Do I have to use any specific vendors to win IJM?

Absolutely not! IJM has a wonderful group of sponsors and vendors that we know share similar ethics and quality as IJM. Vendors do not factor into judging or the outcome of the pageant.  

How much does the state pageant cost? 

Our pageant price will be posted soon. There is a state registration fee of $35 paid to the International office and a $50 scholarship fee as well that you will pay the day of registration. You also can choose to participate in optional competitions such as casual wear, photogenic, talent, spokesmodel. However, these are strictly optional and will have no bearing on the outcome of the state title. All fees are on the payment page.


Does IJM have a non-compete clause?

No.  We have become more flexible when it comes to you wanting to compete in multiple pageants. You may compete in other pageants but need permission first through the state director. Once you are a state titleholder you can still compete in another national pageant prior to IJM Internationals, but you will need permission to do. 

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